22-23 NASA Student Launch Competition

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2022-2023 49er Rocketry Team

Team Structure


We are this year's UNC Charlotte 49er Rocketry Team. The team competes in the NASA USLI Competition with over 50 colleges competing across the nation. The team must go through several design phases and milestones, presenting these to NASA, ultimately leading to the final launch in Huntsville, Alabama.


2021-2022 Team Awards


The 49er Rocketry Team has been around for over 10 years and has always been a top competitor in the competition. In the past 2 years, the team has brought home the first-place trophy, with last year setting a NASA USLI Competition record for Altitude. Our team knows we have a lot to live up to, but we are ready to put in the work to help continue the success of the 49er Rocketry Team.

2022 Summer Rocket

The team participated in a student-led summer rocket project. This is to simulate what the NASA USLI Competition might be like, going through several design phases, building, and launching a high-powered rocket. This project's purpose was to give the team some experience and knowledge before the start of the competition. The rocket was projected to reach an altitude of 3500 ft. with the parachute deploying at 500 ft. A payload was created and attached to the upper half of the rocket, designed to collect data and capture video during the launch.

The competition for this year is already underway with the team beginning preliminary designs. The requirement for this year is that the rocket must travel between 4,000- 6,000 ft, with a specific altitude chosen by the team prior to the competition. The 2022-2023 Payload Team’s mission is to design, build and test a system that will, upon landing, autonomously deploy and receive RF signals that will be used to command an onboard camera system to complete a series of tasks. These commands could include positional instructions for the camera, image capture commands, filter commands, and rotational commands for image processing. The payload will, after each picture, save and timestamp the photo. The team has already put in many hours to design a payload and rocket that meet these requirements, and we are excited to show you the progress that has been made.

Full-Scale Rocket Design

In order to keep the success of the 49er Rocketry Team, we need your help! This project requires the creation and development of advanced systems, with specialized materials, that tend to cost a decent amount. Unlike our team, most other collegiate teams are backed by a well-funded aerospace program. The cost of the project, between the research, design, construction, and travel throughout the competition is estimated to be $25,000.

Of the $9,000 fundraising goal, the amount raised will be broken down into the following categories: Payload, Vehicle, Testing, and Travel. An estimated $990.00 will go toward the payload, which includes all of the electronics and mechanisms. $4,230.00 will go towards the vehicle, which includes the motor, exterior tubing, and interior structural components. For the team to be able to travel to Huntsville, AL for the 4-day competition, an estimated $3,150.00. The remaining $630.00 will be put towards purchasing the necessary equipment in order to test to ensure the success of our rocket design for the competition.

An extension of the 49er Rocketry Team and NASA USLI competition is STEM Engagement. The team will hold and conduct several events to share and excite young students about not only rocketry but all of the possibilities in STEM. This year the team would like to focus on reaching out and helping students at underprivileged schools that wouldn't normally get this opportunity. This will not only allow the team to teach these kids more about STEM but also the team will leave behind school supplies for the students to further help them in their scholastic careers. Your donation will not only go towards the team's success but also will help reach out and inspire the next generation of engineers and STEM students.

Donate today to be a part of the 49er Rocketry Team at UNC Charlotte

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