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2022-2023 FSAE Electric Design Competition

Last year, the UNC Charlotte Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science undertook the project of designing and building a Formula SAE EV car to attend the FSAE competition in the Spring of 2023. 

With the automotive industry leaning toward electrification, the 49ers Racing team made the decision to venture into a new series of competitions in Electric Vehicles. Formula SAE is a Student Design Competition in which students design, build, and race a single-seater, open-wheeled race car. 

While a new venture is great for student training and education, it comes with many new costs as the challenge presented has a vastly different solution to that of an internal combustion vehicle. Our team operates on a very strict budget every year.

Donate today to help our team purchase parts, test, and compete with UNC Charlotte's first electric FSAE vehicle. 

Our Chassis Team just completed welding our entire chassis together, forming the body of our vehicle made up of a total of 78 welded parts. The steel tubing for our car was machined, notched, and delivered over the summer by VR3 Engineering. 

During that time we designed our precision fixtures for the welding process as we waited for the VR3 tubing to arrive. Now that it has been fully assembled, the next few months will have the Chassis Team working very close with Vehicle Dynamics to begin designing and manufacturing our suspension components. Below is an image of our chassis member welding the final few tubes together.

The Powertrain team has had an interesting and productive past couple of months. They designed an accumulator using 1s6p individual packs. This accumulator used Sony VTC5D cells which were sponsored by Tesla Inc. These cells were assembled into individual packs for serviceability and a modular design. Unfortunately with this modular design, the packaging within the car was rendered illegal with the revision of rules from FSAE, however, they are currently working to resolve this situation. They designed an alternative accumulator while our team is working to fix the original to meet the 2023 rules. Pictured above is a photo of the alternative “Oreo edition” accumulator. This accumulator has 40 percent greater energy density and a water-cooling setup instead of air cooling from the first iteration. 

To see where your money is going, we made a cost breakdown chart! This better shows how the kind of donations we receive are distributed among the team and what we need the money for the most. Your donation will help tackle the expenses we have and can help us eliminate the slices of this pie chart!

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