Women in Math and Statistics Scholarship

Join the Actuarial Science Club in honoring Josee by donating to the Women in Math and Statistics scholarship. To date, $25,959 out of $25,000 has been raised.

Women in Math and Statistics Scholarship

The Actuarial Science Club is a student organization for those interested in a career in actuarial science. The actuarial science profession makes use of a person’s knowledge of mathematics, statistics, economics, finance, and risk theory in the business world.

UNC Charlotte's Actuarial Science Club is raising money in honor and memory of Marie Josee Mukamwiza, a 2005 graduate from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, that established this scholarship. 

The purpose of the fund is to encourage and support women in the math and statistics field. Last spring semester, $10,000 was successfully raised but these students are still in need of your support. The goal is to raise an additional $15,000 to support a student each spring semester and ultimately endow the scholarship at $25,000 to honor Marie Josee by awarding students each year. The fund will provide an annual $500 scholarship to a Junior or Senior.

The math and statistics field is comprised of 40.6% women. As this industry grows, women interested in pursuing careers in math and statistics should feel support and be provided the same opportunities as men in the same field.

The Women in Math and Statistics Scholarship at UNC Charlotte provides financial support to students dedicated to encouraging gender equality in the field of mathematics at UNC Charlotte.

Please make a gift today of any size to help give students the opportunity to pursue their education in math and statistics. 

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