CharlOz’s three-day interdisciplinary festival explores how L. Frank Baum’s fairy tale timelessly reflects American values with its vast array of characters. As of today, they have raised $49 .

Join us on the Yellow Brick Road!

Journey on the yellow brick road for a three-day arts and literary festival to celebrate 
L. Frank Baum’s timeless and transformative fairy tale featuring Dorothy, America’s first female heroine and her vast array of friends. 

As renowned scholar Jack Zipes said, “As an icon of utopian home, Oz

reveals how differences might shine and be truly appreciated and how a communal spirit

might flourish.”

CharlOz will educate, explore and entertain Oz fans in all their many representations 
with art, music, guest speakers, film, theatre, dance, and more.

We are currently looking to raise $10,000 to support the many facets of this festival weekend, including engagement from UNC Charlotte students, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, and many guest speakers, including Gregory McGuire, James Oritz, Brady Schwind, Amy Chu, others. 

We do hope you will consider supporting CharlOz! 

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