ECE Advisory Board Scholarship

Provide scholarship support to students in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. To date, $19,754 in gifts and pledges have been raised toward our endowment goal of $28,000.

ECE Advisory Board Scholarship

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering's Advisory Board consists of  individuals who are respected for their accomplishments in the fields of industry,  government, and education. Advisory board members provide advice to the department  and faculty to enhance the quality, outreach, and development of the departmental  programs. They also assist the Department in developing strategic relationships with the  engineering and business community for the creation of new intellectual capital and  applied engineering knowledge. 

The purpose of the Fund is to provide scholarship support to students using criteria  developed and agreed upon by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering's  Advisory Board in collaboration with the University Scholarship Office.

Robert "Rob" Combs, a double alumnus of Charlotte and executive with Duke Energy, introduced the scholarship idea to the ECE Advisory Board, "Our Board is made up of professionals who know the value of an education. And, with so many students in need, we deemed it important to provide scholarship assistance to students in our field. We established the ECE Board Scholarship as one perpetual step forward."  -  Robert Combs, BS '83, MBA '90

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