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Support the Mock Trial Club today. To date, $1,184 has been raised from 13 gifts toward our $2,500 goal.

Mock Trial Funding for the Year

UNC Charlotte's Mock Trial Club has served as a home for nerdy wannabe lawyers since its recent inception. The Mock Trial club teaches students litigation, public speaking, analytics, and case-building skills through role-playing a case every year. The club travels around the country to litigate against other universities in the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA). This year we are litigating Felder v. Koller Campbell Air, a fictional civil case, dealing with an airline company and a pilot’s widow due to a crash. Our club members are all interested in law school and fascinated with the litigation process.

Our goal has always been to make it to the American Mock Trial Association's National Competition. Universities that make it to the national level create some of the finest lawyers due to the skills students develop to make it that far in the yearly competition. Unfortunately, a big part of making it to national competitions is having the money to attend them. Most nationally competing universities have large amounts of funding in their programs that skew the playing field against newer teams.

Donate today to help our club enhance public speaking and critical thinking skills as we compete against top-notch mock trial clubs.

With an initial goal of $2,500, we can travel to our regional competitions and have money left over to work toward Memphis, the location of this year's National Competition! Our biggest expenses are travel, board, and food. 

Thanks to your donations we were able to attend two wonderful competitions already, please help us get to our goal so we can attend more competitions! 

Kennesaw Competition: $1,240

Davidson Competition: $730

For the first time in years, we have a large enough membership that we have a chance to make it to the upper level. With twenty-eight students in our club, we have enough people to run case material together, develop our witnesses, and build a competitive team. Most of our students are not just in Mock Trial, they are in SGA, Model UN, NC Legislature, and even do tours of campus. We have the motivation to compete against any university and give it our best, we just need your help with funding. With your donations, we are confident that we will be able to be victorious against any university we face in our mock trials!

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