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55 years of the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens

Donate today to help keep the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens open and free for everyone to enjoy. To date, $8,179 has been raised from 61 gifts.

$55 for 55 years of the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens

The Gardens have been a place of beauty, relaxation, education, and connection with nature for the University community for 55 years. Let's celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Gardens by donating to help keep the Gardens open and free for everyone to enjoy. 

*MATCHING GIFT: A generous Botanical Gardens donor has agreed to donate $3,000 if we can raise $3,000 for this campaign! 

About us: 

Our mission is to inspire a love for plants and nature through programming, classes, and botanical displays. 

By the numbers:

The Botanical Gardens are made up of ten acres of outdoor Gardens, two Greenhouses, a carnivorous bog courtyard, and a botanical lending library and classroom.

The Gardens serve more than 63,000 visitors each year. We have visitors from all over the country and the world, and we also have community outreach programs to serve the campus and Charlotte community here at home. 

Last year, we quickly responded to COVID-19 and moved much of our programming online, serving over 1300 participants in over 60 workshops and classes.  

Our live videos reached over 43,000 viewers online.

About 800 people purchased plants at one of our annual Plant Sales, where we bring the largest selection of native plants in the region to the community. 

Almost 200 volunteers donated over 1800 hours of their time to the Gardens.

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