Black Alumni Chapter Scholarship

Support the Black Alumni Chapter Scholarship today. To date, $40,764 has been raised from 203 gifts.

Black Alumni Chapter Scholarship

Only 4% of scholarship applications are awarded at UNC Charlotte. Join the Black Alumni Chapter in supporting the BAC Scholarship. Established in 2021, this needs-based scholarship will expand support for future 49ers.

"I give because if not me then who? I believe that I have an obligation to my community and ensuring that they are successful without the financial burden that many of us carry. I want to see the generations after me understand the importance of giving back and recognizing that even a small contribution can make a big difference." - Maya Graham, BAC Regional Committee Chair

"I give to the BAC scholarship because I am grateful to have attended such a fine institution and would like to ensure a student would feel the same level of support and encouragement from like-minded individuals. If I were a student receiving the scholarship, I would feel grateful for the BAC in their support of me on my educational journey." - Kim Couthen, BAC Board Member

 "If I was a student the BAC scholarship would afford me the opportunity to achieve not just academic success but it would allow me to participate in our great Charlotte collegiate community. I would be able to make friends, join groups, and support our sports teams. The scholarship would provide me with a sense of security and would keep me focused on achieving my goals." - Melissa Pinnick, BAC Board Member 

"The BAC Scholarship was created with genuine love and support for our students. Our students are integrative, intelligent and innovative so they deserve the financial support to ensure their dreams and goals are achieved. The Black Alumni Chapter provided me with a wealth of opportunities and connections along my collegiate and professional journey so it is my hope that the BAC Scholarship reflects the Board's commitment to student success for the next generation of Niners!" - Khrystle Bullock, BAC President

You can double or triple the impact of your gift if your employer participates in a matching gift program.  To see if your employer has a matching gift program, click here. If your company matches, complete your matching gift form and submit it to UNC Charlotte via mail (UNC Charlotte Foundation, 9201 University City Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28223), fax (704-687-7259) or email (

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