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Venture 50th Anniversary

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The  Venture Outdoor Leadership program began in the fall of 1971. A steering committee appointed by the Chancellor chose to send a pilot group from UNC Charlotte through the North Carolina Outward Bound School.

Fifteen UNC Charlotte students, faculty, and staff participated in a two-week wilderness experience, traveling into the Linville Gorge area and the Great Smokies. They learned skills in backpacking, rock climbing, map and compass reading, off-trail travel, first aid, and leadership. The pilot program was a success, and the Division of Student Affairs developed the Venture program independent of Outward Bound but intentionally maintaining Outward Bound philosophy and practice.

Since then, Venture Outdoor Leadership has continued to grow and expand into a unique experiential learning program.

Venture Outdoor Leadership transformative experiences to UNC Charlotte students, staff, faculty, and the Charlotte community.  

“I really enjoyed the experiences we have had with Venture! From helping with our program with the current Passport students, to being involved with our Passport leaders who are currently at UNC Charlotte. They really enjoyed the experiences they had and it was fun to be able to have them interact with each other in a different way! I believe they were able to interact with us as the Instructors, while getting a break from us. Yet, having a wonderful time getting to know more about their classmates, enhancing problem solving skills, teamwork, critical thinking, and developing their leadership skills.”

 — Jo Vereen, Assistant Director of Admissions, Passport Program Coordinator

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