Chi Omega 40th Anniversary

Enhance the Chi Omega experience for the next 40 years of the Delta Kappa Chapter at UNC Charlotte. To date, $5,531 has been raised from 29 gifts. 

Chi Omega 40th Anniversary

The Delta Kappa Chapter of Chi Omega at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte was founded in 1982, and the sisterhood has been thriving for the past 40 years! 

Being a member of Chi Omega today is largely focused on the bonds of sisterhood formed during the time as an active member. Chi Omega helps bring women together with common values to become best friends, maids of honor and life-long cheerleaders. Chi Omega is forever and is always at heart. 

The experience of being a Chi Omega at UNC Charlotte is the pride associated with the chapter house and the events and memories that are held within. The University owns the Delta Kappa house; however, the House Corporation Board composed of Chi Omega alumni are responsible for the items within the house (ritual items, decor, etc.) and is responsible for cosmetic maintenance (painting common area walls, kitchen, etc.) that are not deemed necessary costs for the University. 

The House Corporation Board notices now more than ever the need to stay competitive with other sororities on campus and wants the Chi Omega house to embody what it means to be a Chi Omega at UNC Charlotte. “To place scholarship before social obligation” is shown by the recent renovation of a new study space within the house funded all by the House Corporation Board; however, our work is not done. To keep “her welfare ever at heart” and ensure the viability of the chapter of the years to come, the Delta Kappa Chapter needs a kitchen renovation. 

This renovation will help ensure community by providing a beautiful new space for the bonds of sisterhood to grow and flourish. 

The House Corporation Board asks you to “choose thoughtfully” as we approach the 40th anniversary of Delta Kappa Chapter to help ensure the chapter's future by participating in the fundraising campaign for a kitchen renovation. Our goal for the 40th anniversary campaign is to ultimately raise $40,000.

You can double or triple the impact of your gift if your employer participates in a matching gift program. To see if your employer has a matching gift program, click here. If your company matches, complete your matching gift form and submit it to UNC Charlotte via mail (UNC Charlotte Foundation, 9201 University City Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28223), fax (704-687-7259) or email ( 

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