WRDS Social Justice & Equity Fund

Support research, guest speakers and professional development opportunities for the WRDS Department. To date, $3,592 has been raised from 16 gifts. 

WRDS Social Justice & Equity Fund

A first in North Carolina, Charlotte’s Bachelor of Arts degree in Writing, Rhetoric & Digital Studies was launched in 2020. The WRDS major deepens students’ understanding of human computing, communication, and analytics. Along with developing advanced writing, information literacy, and problem-solving skills, students learn to adapt emerging print and digital technologies to new situations, from academic, to workplace, to the public sphere. Activity-based courses guide WRDS majors to critically examine and apply the principles and practices of rhetoric and writing to print, digital, and social media communications in contexts from the local to the global.

"I chose WRDS because I wanted to have a chance to develop my writing skills through a curriculum that was focused on academic writing and research. Now that I’ve started taking WRDS classes, it feels like the perfect second major due to its versatility. There is rarely a field that doesn’t require writing in some shape or form, so pursuing WRDS is a great way to have a more well-rounded undergraduate experience at Charlotte." -AJ Siegel '24

Recent social unrest across the U.S. has led WRDS to amplify its commitment to anti-racist pedagogy, social justice, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility for all students, faculty, and staff at Charlotte. Through your support, WRDS can put these principles into action with professional development for faculty in anti-racist teaching, guest speakers, student-led research projects, opportunities to travel to professional conferences, expanded services in the  Writing Resources Center (WRC), and innovative writing research.

Donate today to advance anti-racist pedagogy, social justice, diversity, equity inclusion, and accessibility initiatives in Writing, Rhetoric & Digital Studies. 

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