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UTOP Participant Scholarship

Help more students have an unforgettable UTOP experience by donating today. To date, $1,124 has been raised from 14 gifts.

UTOP Participant Scholarship

The University Transition Opportunities Program (UTOP) Participant Scholarship aims to help students from low-income families to pay the required $250 fee to secure a spot in the program.

The UTOP participant fee is submitted by students to cover textbook costs, program supplies, meals, activities, transportation, etc. The $250 participant fee is a major hurdle for students from low-income families when also factoring in orientation costs, Fall semester housing deposits, and other costs and fees associated with students beginning their college careers.

Led by Raven Johnson (UTOP '11, UNCC '15), we are calling upon UTOP alumni, mentors, counselors, and program supporters to assist in making UTOP accessible to students from low-income families.

About UTOP:

Founded by Dr. Herman Thomas, UTOP began in 1986 to facilitate the underrepresented student's transition from high school to college. By involving incoming UNC Charlotte freshmen in a rigorous six-week summer collegiate experience, UTOP builds upon the scholastic abilities of the students through college courses and contact with University academic support and campus life services.

UTOP is an excellent opportunity for incoming freshman students to begin their college experience early, gain seven credit hours towards their degree, start with a solid GPA foundation, get acclimated to campus early and build a support system of peers and staff across campus.

For more UTOP information, please visit the program's website:

UTOP Participant Retention and Graduation:

Research from the past 10 years indicates that students who participate in UTOP were retained after one year at a rate nearly 11 percent higher than underrepresented students who did not attend the program and almost 13 percent higher than all first-time freshmen.     

The percentage of UTOP students who graduated after six years was more than 11.5 percent higher than underrepresented students who did not participate and 10 percent high than all first-time, full-time freshmen.

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