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21-22 NASA Student Launch Competition

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2021-2022 NASA USLI Student Launch Competition

Team Organizational Chart

We are this year's UNC Charlotte NASA USLI Competition Team. This competition is an intense process of going through several design phases and presenting these to NASA throughout the competition leading up to a final full-scale launch in Huntsville Alabama. In this competition, we compete against many well-respected collegiate aerospace teams across the country.

Previous Years Awards

The 49er Rocketry team celebrates its tenth anniversary this year! We have had several years of successful teams with finishing in the top positions for the competition. Last year's team brought home a first-place win! Coming off of their win we know we have a lot to live up to. Our team is ready to put in the work and continue our team's success! 

Argos-X Rocket

Our summer rocket build was named to signify the ten-year anniversary; the X represents the tenth year. This rocket was done to help prepare the team for this year's competition. We designed and built Argos-X from scratch to provide the team with experience prior to competition. Our goal was to be able to design and build a rocket that can travel up to a height of 1950 feet with the main parachute deployment at 500 feet. A payload was mounted into the upper half of the rocket to record data from the flight. This data being video footage, the orientation of the rocket, and the height that it achieves. Argos-X had a successful launch and recovery and set our team up for a successful year! 

For this year's competition, the team has already made progress towards designing and planning the rocket and payload! This year's rocket must travel to a height between 4,000-6,000 feet which is chosen by the team prior to the construction of the rocket. The payload for this year must be able to determine the location of which the rocket body lands within a 5,000ft x 5,000ft grid system with equal-sized grid boxes no larger than 250ft x 250ft. All of this must be done without the use of GPS. The team has been putting in many hours towards the design and research of this project and is eager to show the supporters of the team the progress that has been made. 

Full-scale Rocket Design

For our team to stay as successful as we've been in the past, we need your help! This project requires the development of very advanced systems that tend to be very costly. Unlike our team, most other teams are back by a well-funded aerospace program. Between the research and development of our vehicle and payload, as well as the cost to travel to Huntsville Alabama for the competition, our anticipated costs are nearly $25,000. 

To extend our passion for rocketry and STEM, our team will be conducting several outreach events to enlighten young students about the possibilities there are within STEM. The goal for our team is to reach at least 500 students from now till the end of the competition. Your donation will not only go towards the development of our rocket,  they will go towards inspiring future generations of potential STEM students. 

Donate today to be a part of the future of the rocketry team here at UNC Charlotte as well as future engineers that are to come! 

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