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VOLT STEAM Kits for Low-Income Schools

 Support the next generation of scientists and leaders

Join VOLT as we support our local schools and the next generation of scientists and leaders!

As UNC Charlotte’s power and energy student organization, VOLT’s mission is simple:  To empower the power and energy professionals of tomorrow by offering them opportunities to broaden their horizons and enhance their skills today. We are committed to engaging in community service activities that help build the next generation of power and energy professionals.

Due to COVID-19 safety protocols, many of the in-class STEAM activities that teachers conduct are not possible this school year. For those children in Title 1 schools (low income), this is another lost opportunity to participate in value-added experiential learning. 

For example, each year, 2nd grade teachers begin the scientific journey with their eager students by looking at the concept of the life cycle in nature in a very hands-on way: watching as caterpillars transform themselves into beautiful butterflies with a butterfly kit.

But this wonderful hands-on experience is not possible this year, as the cleaning protocols required to keep the students, faculty, and staff safe make it impossible to keep the butterflies in the classroom.

Because these are unprecedented times in education, VOLT has focused their efforts to ensure students won't lose the hands-on STEAM learning experiences that shaped the career path of VOLT members. So instead of utilizing a single kit in a classroom, our goal is to give each student a butterfly kit so that students have a hands-on experience in their own homes! 

Donate today to ensure the availability of experiential learning opportunities by helping us provide STEAM kits for the students in Title 1 schools so that EACH STUDENT could take a kit home and experience the joy of discovery.Butterfly kit


Your support will help VOLT execute various community engagement projects, secure professional development opportunities and other activities that support VOLT's mission.

VOLT was founded by a diverse group of students in both the College of Engineering and College of Business in September 2019.

For the 2020 – 2021 academic year, VOLT’s community service is focused on identifying the STEAM education needs that cannot be covered by the schools or the districts themselves, and then find a way to see that those needs are met.  Our first partnership is with the 2nd grade at Springfield Elementary School in Stanley, NC. To learn more about VOLT, visit our website ( or follow us on Twitter and Instagram @volt_uncc.

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