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49er Legacy Scholarship

To date, $6,723 has been raised in support of the 49er Legacy Scholarship. Help us reach our goal of $10,000! 

49er Legacy Scholarship

From the moment you first stepped onto UNC Charlotte’s campus, you knew that our University was special! As a Legacy, your UNC Charlotte pride began long before your senior year of high school. Your relatives attending this great university led you to make it your home as well. For your family, a 49er education has become an important tradition that will continue for many generations to come! The 49er Legacy Scholarship will help other students ensure that their family’s connection to UNC Charlotte lasts a lifetime. This scholarship will strengthen the bond between our University, our alumni, and our students.

The 49er Legacy Scholarship will help make it possible for students to continue making a 49er education part of their family tradition. Any student who has at least one parent, step-parent, grandparent, or sibling who is an alumnus/a of UNC Charlotte (undergraduate or graduate program) is considered to be a legacy and will be considered for this scholarship.

Alumni have passed on the 49er tradition to their children and grandchildren, and we want to help celebrate this special relationship by establishing the 49er Legacy Scholarship. This scholarship is just one more way that we're strengthening the bond between the University, our Alumni, and current students!

The UNC Charlotte Legacy Program offers Legacies an opportunity to stay in touch with the University. By hosting special programs, social events, networking opportunities, and other engaging activities, the Legacy Program ensures that your college experience does not end after graduation.

Annual Legacy events include a luncheon for Legacy freshmen and their families during move-in week, 49er game-day celebrations, and the Legacy Draping Ceremony, which takes place each semester for graduating seniors. There is nothing more touching than seeing a parent drape a Legacy stole over their child’s shoulders before commencement. We invite you to make a difference in the lives of countless Legacy students by supporting the 49er Legacy Scholarship!

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