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White Coat Ceremony 2019

Support the School of Nursing's bi-annual White Coat Ceremony! Money raised will help cover the cost of new lab coats for all graduates of Spring 2019.

White Coat Ceremony 2019

The School of Nursing at UNC Charlotte proudly celebrates our newest alumni by welcoming them into the profession each semester in a formal way.  The graduating students are recognized for their compassion, their dedication to the profession, and their community service.  At this critical time in a nurse’s journey, the SON faculty feel committed to launching their careers in a profound and heartfelt way.  

The School of Nursing needs your help in supporting the bi-annual White Coat Ceremony to achieve these goals. The money raised during this campaign will help cover the costs of new lab coats for all graduates, help support awards given to graduating nursing students, and help off-set the cost of the ceremony. No simple uniform, the white coat symbolizes an official acceptance into a paramount profession at a critical time.


The shortage of nurses in an ever-growing concern nationally as well as locally. Additionally, taking the time to express to our graduates that we, collectively, welcome them to the profession, is a wonderful way to establish a cohesiveness between the students, the School of Nursing and the University.

Give today and help welcome the School of Nursing's newest graduates into the nursing profession.

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